These are the primary airsoft products available on EastCoastAirsoft. They are specifically ordered to make finding exactly what you want as easy as possible. The type of airsoft gun (spring, electric, or gas) is given in the product title, as well as if the product can be shipped to Canada.


  • Training Weapons

    These are all of the personal training weapons we sell from a variety of manufacturers including Celcius, Systema, and A&K

  • HPA Systems

    HPA Systems

    HPA Airsoft Systems from brands such as Polarstar & Wolverine with many more to come soon!



"You guys rock!! This gun has good accuracy and fps. Well constructed. The gun came in record time to.."

-- Gunner Christensen, Richmond, VA



"That's right, we can successfully guarantee shipments to Canada as long as you choose from the Canada Legal section of our website!

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