Us at East Coast Airsoft are giving back to the Maryland community by raising hunger awareness and collecting food for the hungry. 

East Coast Airsoft Food Drive

    Here at East Coast Airsoft we care about the community, and are proud to be able to help in any way we can, and we hope you are too!  So we have decided to raise awareness and food for the Maryland Food Bank.  From now until December 21, 2013 we will be collecting food in the store any time that we are open. [We are open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm]  There is a list of items the Maryland Food Bank is in need of all the time.     We are hoping there will be a bunch of different airsoft teams in the area who are willing to help the cause.  So if you are part of an airsoft team, when you bring your items in be sure you let us know which team you are on so we can count the number of items your team has donated.  At the end of the food drive the airsoft team that has donated the largest amount of food will win a prize from East Coast Airsoft.  The prize will be announced at the end of the collection so be sure you try and help as much as you can!    Food and funds drives are a fun, easy way to gather resources to help those in need. Over the past few years, the Maryland Food Bank and its network of soup kitchens, pantries and shelters have seen amassive increase in requests for assistance. Since 2008, the Maryland Food Bank’s distribution has more than doubled – from 11 million pounds of food annually to more than 26 million pounds of food in the most recent year. As a result, food and funds drivesare more important than ever before.    So we would like to thank you and let you know that all donations are appreciated and will go very far into helping someone not go hungry in Maryland.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, comments, or concearns 410-838-6856


Our Goal At East Coast Airsoft Is To Collect Over 500 Items of Food For People Who Need It.  Can You Help Make That Happen?

Please Bring All Donation To The East Coast Airsoft Store Any Day of The Week from 11AM to 8PM at our address listed below:

1318 E. Churchville Rd.

Bel Air, MD 21014


MEAT & PROTEINCanned meat, ham and chickenPeanut ButterMacaroni and CheeseCanned stewsCanned tuna, salmon and sardinesNuts and seedsDried canned beans

BREADS & CEREALSOatmealBreakfast cerealRice and rice cakesPasta

FRUITS & VEGETABLESCanned fruits and juicesCanned vegetablesCanned soupSauces/Salad Dressing

DAIRY FOODSEvaporated milkPowdered milkInfant formulaPuddings and custards

NON-FOOD ITEMSDiapersToilet PaperPlastic/Paper plates and cupsSanitary napkins and tampons 

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