We Ship To Canada

We Ship To Canada
 "That's right, we can successfully guarantee shipments to Canada as long as you choose from the Canada Legal section of our website!  Click here for Canada FAQ."

Below is the FAQ for Canadian orders.  This should clear up any questions you have regarding our policies for Canadian shipping, as well as make you feel more comfortable about ordering from us if you are from Canada.

1. Do you ship to Canada?

- Yes, we ship all items on the Canada Legal & Sniper Rifles or any gun that states it shoots between 366 and 495 feet per second to Canada.  Please note grenade launchers are NOT legal but all other tactical gear, magazines, accessories, and uniforms are okay.

2. Are the items you ship as they are in the pictures?

- Yes, the vast majority of our guns are exactly as they appear in pictures.  In limited circumstances, there may be small differences between what you get and what you see, but those differences are virtually negligible, and are few and far between.

3. What are the chances of my order being seized?

 - There is a 0% chance for seizure if you pick an item from the Canada Legal area or the Sniper Rifles section of the website or as long as the gun clearly states that it shoots over 366fps.

4. What is your shipping process?

- For all Canadian orders, we use USPS regardless of what it says at checkout.

5. Where can I see proof that you have shipped to Canada?

- You can read the reviews we have from Canadian customers, as well as the Canadian Testimonials on the forum .  Also, we have a good reputation on many online forums, so you will be able to find positive feedback about us on third-party websites as well.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to serve you!




"You guys rock!! This gun has good accuracy and fps. Well constructed. The gun came in record time to.."

-- Gunner Christensen


JG M16 Vietnam Enhanced Lipo ready Airsoft AEG Rifle (Newest Version)

JG M16 Vietnam Enhanced Lipo ready Airsoft AEG Rifle (Newest Version)
Original Price :$225.00
More Info

HFC 92B Fully Automatic All Metal Pistol

HFC 92B Fully Automatic All Metal Pistol
Original Price :$150.00
More Info

CM030 Electric Airsoft Pistol

CM030 Electric Airsoft Pistol
Original Price :$89.95
More Info
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Disclaimer: Every airsoft gun we sell comes with an orange tip, as required by law. Removing the orange tip is illegal, and voids any warranty associated with the product.
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